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Business Transactions

What is a business transactional practice?

This area of law focuses on the paperwork necessary in a business setting. Depending on the stage of the business, the transactional needs may vary.

At the outset, the firm can assist a client in the evaluation of the client’s present business structure; assist in the choice of the appropriate business entity, whether it should be a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, joint venture or other structure.

Once is it determined what type of business entity is appropriate, the firm will draft and file any documents necessary to form a new business then serve as ongoing general counsel as the business develops.

Ongoing businesses enjoy having the firm maintain corporate books and records and creating documents as needed for various transactions. For example, the firm will:

  • Evaluate and negotiate commercial leases for clients
  • Prepare documents to add or remove shareholders or directors
  • Prepare annual minutes of meetings for shareholders and directors to maintain the corporate structure and liability protection
  • Prepare bids, contracts, employment agreements and other commercial documents
  • Help negotiate the purchase or sale of a business and prepare buy-sell agreements, asset and stock purchase or sale documents, merger or dissolution documents
  • Provide ongoing business advice

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to start a new business venture or an established business looking for capable, reasonably priced ongoing business counsel, contact Rebecca Covell to schedule a complimentary consultation.

The firm does not practice in the bankruptcy, consumer or criminal law areas but may be able to refer clients to attorneys with appropriate expertise.