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August 5, 2022
marriage license

Seven documents will protect your family no matter how the Supreme Court rules

On June 26, 2015, there was dancing the streets because the U.S. Supreme Court declared in Obergefell that marriage is a fundamental right, and all states are required to grant and recognize same-sex marriages.

Despite such widespread support, seven years later the court and country are changing. Now, a conservative majority on the court and vocal conservative minorities holding key political office in red states are suggesting Obergefell was wrongly decided.

In response, the U.S. House passed the Respect for Marriage Act with wide bipartisan support. It is pending in the U.S. Senate where its passage requires 10 Republicans to join all Democrats to make it law. If it does not pass and Obergefell is overturned, each state will decide whether it will recognize same sex marriages.

So what’s a concerned couple of Texans to do in view of all this confusion and uncertainty? VOTE! Never in the history of our movement has it been more important to vote for candidates who support us.