What is probate?

Probate is a court proceeding to wind up the affairs of someone who has died. Texas has one of the easiest probate systems in the country. There is a process for probating a small estate by an affidavit (small estate affidavit), for filing a will just to transfer title to a home or other real property (muniment of title), for appointing an independent executor who can handle all of the affairs of the deceased estate without court supervision (independent administration) and for creating an administration that requires court approval of every step (dependent administration). Sometimes no will can be found yet matters must be handled. There are restrictions regarding which process can be employed so the input of an attorney who is familiar with Texas probate is critical.

Each estate is different. Circumstances will dictate which probate process is the right one. Schedule an appointment with Rebecca to discuss the options for winding up the affairs of a decedent. The firm can file all necessary pleadings with the court to probate an estate and will guide the executor or administrator through the administration process.


Please be aware that there are thieves and scammers who try to steal the identities of the recently departed. This is an article from AARP regarding how to protect the deceased from identity theft.
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